In today’s marketing research news…

Qualtrics is filing for IPO. Their goal is to raise $200 million. In particular, they are emphasizing the value of their Experience Management platform which it says enables clients to gather  a new class of richer data, called Experience Data or X-Data. They also claim that X-data is a market opportunity worth $44 billion this year.

The Insights Association and A to Z Communication Coalition are urging the FCC to rewrite the TCPA legislation. The issue is around the phrase that autodialers are defined as “using a random or sequential number generator”, which depending on its interpretation would greatly affect how telephone surveys could be conducted legally.

FCB Health Network launches Solve(d), a new unit which offers marketing analytics, predictive modeling, media planning and more. Ken Beatty will serve as Managing Director.

In today’s mergers and acquisitions…

The Dentsu Aegis Network is set to acquire Namics AG, a full-service digital agency. Namics will become part of Merkle, their data-driven marketing arm. The goal of the acquisition is to increase its presence and enhance it’s CX technology.

In human capital news…

Sam Lowe takes on the role of CTO for Streetbees.

Saint Betteridge joins Unruly, a social video advertising platform, as UK commercial director.

Alexandra Lauber (that’s me) is stepping down from her role as the host of MRx News. This show will be put on pause for the moment, but stay up to date with Happy Market Research through the flagship podcast and through all our social channels: @happymrxp everywhere.

… And that’s your daily briefing of the marketing research news!