Learn how to measure customer satisfaction!

SurveyMonkey is an awesome, free tool that I personally use to measure KPI’s, such as customer satisfaction.

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Improve The Likelihood That Customers Will Recommend You

In 4 Easy Steps


1. Gather Customer Email Addresses

Host a giveaway. All they have to do is sign up with their email! Promote your giveaway on social media and give people extra chances to sign up. The results will be off the charts!

2. Create a SurveyMonkey Account & NPS Survey

Respondents rate how likely they are to recommend you on a 0 to 10 scale, and, depending on their response, customers fall into one of 3 categories to establish an NPS score: promoters, passives, and detractors.

3. Follow Up with Email

In general, you want to send the email as close as possible to when the purchase or experience. If you are a service like a gym where customers come and go, you may want to send your emails once a month on the same day.

4. Watch the Feedback, Learn, and Make Changes

Your Net Promoter Score will give you a numeric representation of how loyal your customers are. The higher the number, the greater the loyalty.  Detractors represent a huge opportunity. Turn your empathy all the way up and don’t be afraid to reach out, because if you can convert a Detractor to a Promoter then you’ll have a customer for life.

How can SurveyMonkey help your business?

Measure Net Promoter Score

One of the best ways to begin understanding your customers better is to create an NPS survey. SurveyMonkey’s free tools help you to make one less than an hour!

Garner Valuable Insights

Gathering and analyzing your results is pretty much handled for you with SurveyMonkey’s easy-to-understand reporting tools.

Prove Marketing ROI

You now have the information you need. Make changes guided by your customer’s feedback and watch your business grow.

Maximize Your Business with SurveyMonkey